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About David Allen Certified™

David Allen is an aviator, entrepreneur, and the founder of David Allen Certified™ and The Allen Groupe. He started his first business at the age of 15. A mobile detailing company in Indianapolis, Indiana. This mobile detailing business initially focused on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway providing cleaning services for driver’s motorhomes and team transporters. Today he owns and operates companies in the US and Europe that specialize in detailing, disinfection and protection services across multiple industries. David is driven by his impassioned call to serve and to share his expertise to help people, as he believes Relationships are Everyone’s most important asset.

The David Allen Certified™ Experience

Services Offered For :

private aircraft
Private Aircraft


Disinfection and protection services for Homes, Rental Turnover, Pre & Post Party and Move-In

auto detailing

commercial aircraft
Commercial Aircraft


transport services
Fleet Services

Detailing, disinfection and protection services for commercial vehicle fleets.

plane hangar

corporate assets
Commercial Real Estate

Hospitals & Municipalities

Disinfection and protection services for airports, police and fire stations, court houses, and other public buildings and venues.

The David Allen Certified™ Experience

Company Info

David Allen

David Allen


David became an entrepreneur at the age of 15yrs. old when he and his best friend started an automobile detailing company in Indianapolis, Indiana. This mobile detailing business initially focused on Indianapolis Motor Speedway providing cleaning services for cars, racecar driver’s motor homes and team transporters. The business grew quickly beyond Indiana into traveling the Indy Car circuit providing these services across the country.

He continued to operate Dave’s Detailing, Inc. while attending Indiana University while maintaining his commitment to his clients. After college, he expanded the business into the corporate environment with contracted parking management auto detailing services for commercial parking structures.

With a passion for aviation and flying, it was only a matter of time before he expanded into aircraft detailing. This skyrocketed his business to a global operation. Re-branded, The Allen Groupe he grew the business from 1 person to over 300 Team Members in 37 locations in the U.S. and 14 locations throughout Europe. In addition, he expanded into aviation events providing his services at international aviation business and military air shows all over the world. The Allen Groupe continues to operate in Europe.

Mr. Allen founded David Allen Certified™ in 2015. This new business venture allowed him to expand beyond commercial and general aviation aircraft cleaning, disinfecting and detailing into consulting, training, development and management of strategic aircraft fleet, aviation real estate and corporate asset cleaning and disinfectant programs. He is regarded as an aviation ambassador, industry expert and sought after professional speaker.

David is a commercial rated pilot, aviation enthusiast, surfer, cyclist and fisherman. His is a member and former President of Florida Business Aviation Association (FABA).

Melissa Singer

Melissa Singer

Chief Marketing Officer

Melissa Lucas Singer is the Chief Marketing Officer at David Allen Certified(TM) and CEO & Founder of Moxie Global Consulting, LLC. She is a visionary business leader with expertise in the private aviation, luxury hospitality, and retail industries. Over the past two decades, she has worked as an innovator and turnaround expert with emphasis on developing inspiring leaders, managing service culture transformations, creating new revenue streams, and delivering operational excellence.

Melissa’s innovative process and technology ideas have been a significant driver behind industry best financial results. In 2014, Microsoft named her Customer Excellence - Business Visionary of the Year. Melissa has served as the Senior Director of Brand Extension creating and managing a global FBO franchise program called Signature Select for Signature Flight Support, the worlds largest private jet services network. She has held senior leadership positions with Flight Options\FlexJet and the Walt Disney Company.

Her passion to create equals her passion for giving. She's been on the BBA Aviation Charitable Giving Committee which has awarded over $1M to a variety of charities around the world for over four years. She has also served as Director of Fundraising for Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Orlando which employs volunteer private aviation to coordinate high volume rescues across the southeast United States. Her affinity for the Aviation Community Foundation is her desire to create an industry that inspires the most talented and diverse young hearts and minds to dream bigger!

"I feel an impassioned call to serve and to share my expertise. I want to ensure that businesses are well informed and treated fairly as they scramble to adapt to the “new normal” of operating their businesses post COVID19."

― David Allen | DACertified™

The David Allen Certified™ Experience

Services and Business Opportunity

Disinfection and Protection Services

The David Allen Certified™ Disinfection and Protection Services for your aircraft, commercial real estate and corporate assets, and has coast-to-coast AOG Ready Response Teams for urgent matters that can arrive onsite in 8-24hrs.

Disinfection and Protection Training & Certification Program

The David Allen Certified™ Disinfection & Protection Training and Certification Program includes expert assistance in choosing and sourcing the right products, writing the recurrent disinfection and protection services protocol to meet the needs of your business, and providing training and certification to your team members to manage the ongoing disinfection and protection for the safety of your customers and team members.

Licensed Partner Program

The David Allen Certified™ Licensed Partner Program is a business opportunity to become part of our vendor network. This opportunity allows a business who participates in our David Allen Certified™ Disinfection and Protection Training and Certification Program to not only meet the needs of their own business, but to create a new revenue stream by providing these services for customers and other businesses.


David Allen Certified™ is available for custom consulting engagements.

What our customers say


“ David and his team recently serviced our offices due to COVID-19 cleanliness needs. His explanation of the product and the application process was extremely professional and thorough. We shared the videos and information provided by David with all our employees which enhanced the level of safety and confidence for the working environment throughout our office. ”
“ Thanks to David Allen Certified, our business was able to safely reengage in office operations. The expertise and professionalism of his entire team gave our employees the faith and comfortability in returning to normal work practices. ”

As a former Florida Aviation Business Association President, I feel a responsibility to be an ambassador and advocate of the institution we call aviation.  I am agnostic to any particular product or equipment but faithful to the fidelity of using aviation approved products and processes to protect your investment.

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